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About us

International Street Arts Festival „Busker Fest

busker - a person, who entertain passerby, collecting money into a hat;
juggler; mime; musician; clown (Polish Language Dictionary)

In Anglo-Saxon countries, in late XIX century, street musicians were called "buskers". Nowadays it's term defining a jugller, musician, clown, mime, acrobat - every person, who entertain street audience, collecting money into a hat. Busker is a wanderer, heir of medieval vagabonds, courtiers clowns, elizabethan theater companies - beeing a busker is a way to make money, a way of live.

Busker Fest is an international street event of wandering artists from all around the world, called "buskers". Fesitval contains concerts, shows, happenings and performances presented on streets in Bydgoszcz, during which you can see almost unbelieveable performances, made by clowns, musicians, acrobats, jugglers and many, many more street arts adepts. The first edition of Busker Fest was back in 2008 under the name of "Bydgoszcz Buskers Festival". From that day it's yearly element of cultural life of the city. Festival, where attend artists from Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Poland, attracts attention not only of Bydgoszcz citizens, but also tourists.

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