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Are you seeking for some information about Busker Fest 2016? Well, we have them!

This year the festival will be on 15 and 16 July, so better plan a trip now - to our beautiful city - Bydgoszcz. Performances are all in your hands.

How is it possible?

Busker Fest, is a street-artists festival, people, who don't feel fear before large audience, who love to show their talents in urban conditions. In 2016 the stage is in your hands, gifted, willing to show up buskers. You are going to set this year festival chart. 


Busker Fest 2016 is going to be an Open Stage show. What does it mean? Everyone can perform, no matter if u are a juggler, comedian, mime, acrobat, musician or a sword swallower - this is a chance for you to perform in front of a huge audience under International Street Art Festival "Busker Fest" band. If you want to work with us - write us a message. 

If you have some friends, who perfectly fit this description, but they don't know about Busker Fest yet - tell them, let them contact us and begin a colorfull, fascinating adventure with street art. 


See you in July!


(please contact us by our facebook profile - Busker Fest, or by an e-mail -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Eight edition behind us.

Already the eighth time in the project "Busker Fest" on the streets of Bydgoszcz appeared both Polish and foreign artists, among others, Europe and even South America. The festival, lasting for two hot days of July, from 3rd to 4th, attracted the attention of many residents of the city, as well as visitor's tourists. Unusual performances of juggling, gymnastics or magic, during the weekend they diversified daily life, sometimes even gray people's lives. "Busker Fest" is gaining fame, and every year more people appear in the performances of artists, regardless of the weather. Heat waves are not terrible for the wonderful audience, which after all is also part of the street show. Amazing, colorful guests of the festival long remain in the memory of the audience. 

This year's edition began on Friday, the third of July, at 13:00 in the square in front of the House of Fashion "Drukarnia". Artist opening the festival was Papito - Outstanding Argentinian juggler, comedian and acrobat. His performances have been received with particular approval - the audience asked for autographs, was setting up to shoot. Just then not giving time to cool off with emotion, hot show gave the audience Trini-Ty, Chilean, whose gymnastic skills and humor delighted all those present at the square. Then on the stage appeared Pan Ząbek - known for his television show "Got Talent" Polish comedian and magician. Together with his assistant, Alfred ferret that is plush, long gathering applause. Anne Vogel's performances showed that, contrary to stereotypes that German artists are not the only people with a strict plan, in which there is no room for improvisation. Her show had elements of both planned and spontaneous, woven spur of the moment, so that none of her performances was not quite the same as the previous one, and each attracted as much interest. Her Chilean mate Cesar, also a single moment did not let the audience for even a moment of boredom, or even breaks in entertainment. Performing repertoire "Cesar Circus" showed juggling (including eight balls) and difficult to master the art of shows of Japanese prop - diabolo. The performances on the square on the first day ended with performance called "Just Edi Show" countryman - Adrian Pruski. He shocked the audience by balancing two meters above the ground on a unicycle, at the same time juggling three machetes. In his repertoire there are also elements of slapstick humor, as well as extensive interaction with the audience, some of which appeared on the scene in the role of assistants or helpers. 

But it wasn't the end of the performances of street artists. In the amphitheater on Mostowa street, from 13:00 was open Open Stage, which is the scene free for any artist willing to show their skills to a wider audience. About 19:00 started there pre-planned performances. The first showed a group of "Bluesferajna" which warmed up the audience impulsive concert. Before fallen emotions, on the scene came Mateusz Kiełtyka with his show "Enigmatic", referring to the form of Rejewskiego and Enigma code, among other things, using the art of juggling. Then Bydgoszcz pantomime group "Teatr Dar" presented the spectacle titled "Pomniki", referring in its content to biblical and historical events, including standing on the Old Market in Bydgoszcz Monument to Struggle and Martyrdom. As soon as the sun hid behind the horizon and less and less of its rays illuminate the scene, appeared on it two of the artist group Yokai which fascinated audience with their fire show. Dancing with a dangerous element alternately delighted the audience the beauty of fire and arouse curiosity mixed with horror, showing extreme tricks. Once finished performances, the audience crowds gathered at the festival club - on a barge Lemar, which was open for the participants of the event from 16:00 to 24:00. 

On the second day of the festival on the main stage of the aforementioned artists could be seen an additional artist Tobiasz Cichoński, which combined elements of inducing thrill - juggling three machetes over a volunteer from the audience, but also comical - for example, playing with children, verbal jokes. That day Open Stage was open until 22:00, while the penultimate point of Busker Fest was received with great enthusiasm, as well as a note of reflection, pantomimic spectacle "Przedwczorajsze Historie", Mimo Theatre. Artists without words presented fragments of Polish history, including the period of communism. The festival ended with a musical accent on the barge Lemar. Group of Busker Blues Project (the core of which is the Green Grass) gave loud unforgettable concert that lasted over two hours, starting at 22:00. 

Like every year, the festival attracted many sympathizers of art, not only that which we can admire in closed museums or galleries. Buskers's performances redefine its concept, depriving it of, among others, ethical boundaries or divisions of society into classes, which may or may not use it. 

Julia Herzberg edited by D.Ś.

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