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Slowly emotions after festiwal fall down. In our thouhgts we're still at stage, or rather three stages, this years Busker Fest. Despite the weather condition, ranging from very bad to amazing, festival was greatly successful. It couldn't happen though, if not You - incredible artists and persevering audience. Thanks to You year after year Busker Fest enjoys growing interest, and the event attracts another curious and intrigued in street art. With each new edition the city opens to the buskers, and more artists come. We'd like to thank You for these two days and we hope we're gonna see each other in a year, on the tenth anniversary edition of International Street Art Festival - Busker Fest!
*Soon there's gonna be a reportage from the festival at website and buskers facebook - Busker Fest*

schedule changes.

We are sad to inform, that Pracownia Konserwacji Bajek performances have been canceled, due to one of the artists car crash. Fingers crossed for his quick recovery. At the same time we would like to announce, that in place of the group there will be a musical duo of Piotr Pieńkowski & Wojciech Lachowski.


FRIDAY 15.07.2016

SATURDAY 16.07.2016

15:00 OLD TOWN - Schwerk Duo 15:30 OLD TOWN - Duet Piotr Pieńkowski & Wojciech Lachowski
16:00 OLD TOWN - Jurek Paterski 16:30 OLD TOWN - Andrzej Talaśka
17:00 BARGE "LEMARA" - Koncert Orkiestry Dętej 17:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Mieczysław Giedrojć
18:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Klaun Feliks 17:30 OLD TOWN - Zdzisław Dywicki
18:30 OLD TOWN - Marcepan Dzierzgowski 18:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Mimezis Art - warsztaty kuglarskie
19:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Duet Piotr Pieńkowski & Wojciech Lachowski 18:30 OLD TOWN - Harsh Guitar Mark
19:30 OLD TOWN - Harsh Guitar Mark 19:30 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Paweł Górka
20:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Paweł Górka 20:00 BARGE "LEMARA" - Applause Agent
21:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Teatr Dar 21:00 BARGE "LEMARA" - Szulerzy
21:30 BARGE "LEMARA" - Busker Blues Project 22:00 AMPHITHEATRE, MOSTOWA ST. - Mimezis Art- fire show


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